Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, improve your general health, build lean muscle, grow and tone your glutes or just want to get that beach body right… we have the training program for you!

With two group class offerings and an incredible team of private trainers, Society Fitness will help you reach all your health and fitness goals!

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SocietyPerformance combines elements of weight-training, bootcamp, high intensity interval training and plyometric movements to make for a 60-minute class that is designed to make you faster, stronger, sexier and healthier.

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GluteCamp, formerly Booty Day, is our 60-minute booty building, firming and toning class.

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Private Training

Private training sessions are designed with your specific goals in mind. You will sit down with a Society coach to discuss all of your health and fitness goals and come up with a gameplan specific for your needs